Your wedding photographer is someone you can have complete faith in, feel comfortable around and most of all have a good time with, so it's extremely important to mesh well and have great chemistry with whoever you choose. I got married in May, I definitely know the struggle of looking for a photographer you can count on.. and afford! This is one of the best days of your life and you want to throw a damn good party, that means not worrying, just celebrating! My goal is to make as much of this experience a breeze and be transparent throughout the process.

I'm an extrovert, which means I have no problem introducing myself to your friends and family, getting things going, and guiding people throughout the day, (like those crazy family formals and such). I'm also pretty awkward, which makes people laugh, and that's just good for photos, so it works out. I make a lot of jokes, but I'm not really sure if they're courtesy laughs that follow, or I'm just really that funny. I talk a lot, so holding a conversation with your mom's great aunt while you get your makeup done is no problem. I'm also pretty loud, so she'll definitely hear me... (was that a courtesy laugh or no?)

Most importantly, I make sure to take time for the important moments. Aren't they all important? Yes. But what people often forget about are the money shots. Money shots are those super basic wedding day photos. A simple photo of the bride when she's all dressed up, looking out the window. A portrait of the groom standing, waiting. A ring shot. A "look at the camera and smile" portrait. These basic shots are so important but so many people breeze right by, taking more time for those scorching hot portraits. That super basic smiling photo of the two of you, is something grandma wants on her mantle, and I'm here to make everybody happy.

Jahni Lynn Photo