Calla + Noelle | Sister Portraits | Tacoma Family Photographer

This family means so much to me. As I finished photos from this session I went back to look at some previous work I did for them, and not only am I shocked by how much I have grown and evolved as a photographer, but how much patience, understanding and grace this family has. When I was 19 I worked at a day care in North Tacoma, in the infant room. It was such a fun job, I got paid to play with babies all day! I'm so happy to have made friends with so many wonderful parents who have stayed connected with me throughout the years. I not only have a handful of amazing mothers to look up to and learn from as I raise my own daughter, but they trust me to capture their family memories. I absolutely love being able to see Calla Joy grow up. I know you're not supposed to pick favorites when you work with kids, but I totally have a handful of babies that I will never forget. Calla was, and still is, the most spunky, sassy, loving, dramatic, and hilarious child. She's also completely gorgeous, so watch out world! I had moved on to pursue my career in photography by the time Calla's little sister, Noelle, was born, but I always have the best time getting to know her and watching the two of them play and love on each other. These two will always be best friends, I just know it. Maybe next time we will see some of mom and dad in the photos! ;)





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