Schreiber Family Photos | Gig Harbor Washington Photographer

I love when people want to try something new for photos. We did these right in downtown Gig Harbor and I have to say they turned out amazing. Thank you to this random office building for having such photo worthy backdrops... And are they not the cutest family ever?! I make a point to always steal mom and dad for some photos of just the two of them, because one, how often do you get a moment to dance together, stare into each other's eyes, snuggle up and make out when you have two kids and live busy lives? I have one kid and I'll answer that for you. Not often enough. And two, it's where this all started! Seriously, photographers, do more of mom and dad together. It's hot. And more of mom. Sure, we like dad's too, but moms are some kind of magic. So capture her. I'm looking forward to Amber's new blog she's working on, because it's where I'll be going for all my natural remedies, recipes and tips for a more natural, chemical free life. Can't wait! I'll be sure to let you all know when it hits the web ;)