Ranck Family | Point Defiance | Tacoma Family Photographer |

A couple weeks back I spent the afternoon on the beach and in the beautiful rose gardens at Point Defiance with this adorable family. It was actually supposed to rain but the sun came out to play toward the end of our session. I had the pleasure of photographing these twins just days after they were born and watching them grow into these tiny little personalities is part of what makes my job so fun. I'm actually a little jealous because I was hoping for twins when I was pregnant with my daughter! The best part of this session? Griffen proposed to Lisa in this same spot underneath all of these beautiful flowers! A perfect spot for a family portrait a couple years later! I had no idea until the day of the session so there were plenty of "Awwwww you guysssss!!" sort of squeals during the photos.. I'm starting to think I should put "not in control of squeals while shooting" in my contract. 

Happy Monday friends, enjoy!