Ava Grace | Newborn | Fresh 24 | Tacoma / Gig Harbor Photographer

Getting all the way out to Enumclaw to meet baby Ava was not easy, but I wasn't about to let anything stop me. My car battery died the day Ava was born. 2 hours before, to be exact. I knew my battery had been having issues, so I took it in to be tested. The guy at the auto store told me it wasn't my battery, but my alternator needed to be replaces. This was a much more expensive and stressful fix than a battery. I spent hours on the phone with my extended warranty for the car, and with Volkswagen, getting a quote and making an appointment to get a new alternator put in. I dropped off my car ten minutes before they closed that night, and the next morning received a text that said my alternator was fine, it was just my battery. Thanks for all that, auto store dude.... 

At this point, I was 15 miles away from my car and my husband was at work. Every single one of my friends was working, out of town or at appointments and all I wanted to do was go see this baby! They were scheduled to leave the hospital around 5pm but thanks to my amazing mother in law, I finally made it to get my car and drive the hour and half out there by 3:30! 

This time with new babies seriously goes by SO fast. My 3 month old looked like a giant next to little Ava. These moments are so precious, I absolutely love capturing this time for my best friends.