Lee Wedding | Alki Beach | Seattle Wedding Photographer

When I first met Suzy, it was sort of like we had known each other forever, but just hadn't seen each other in years. We talked, laughed, and gossiped for hours over coffee before we even got down to business and started talking about her wedding. It's so so so awesome to connect with clients like that. I was so excited for this day and all she had been planning. The way her face lit up when she talked about Josh was the sweetest thing. As soon as I walked into the Airbnb they rented on Alki beach, I was clicking away at details and just the ambiance of the space. They picked the perfect spot for a small Washington beach wedding. The flowers and the details she and her daughter added made it even better! This was such a laid back wedding, it was like I was there just to hang out and join the celebration. During the group family photos, Suzy even asked if I had a tripod so I could get in the picture! Photographing these two was nothing but laughter and playfulness, they were just there together, not another care in the world, and so in love. I don't think I have ever smiled behind my camera so much at a wedding before, I mean, look at that happiness after the kiss!