New Zealand Kiwi Bar and Golden Gardens Engagement Session | Whidbey Island Wedding | Seattle Wedding Photographer

3 days until the Elliott wedding! I thought it was so sweet that Olivia asked me if I would rather come to her wedding as a guest or the photographer. What people often don't understand is how much I love my job, so I chose to photograph it, obviously! Olivia's family has a beach cabin a couple houses down from my god-family's cabin on Whidbey Island and that's where they're tying the knot! I spent the majority of my summers on that beach as a kid and always looked forward to seeing Olivia there. Thanks to Facebook, we were able to stay in touch all throughout our adult lives; college, kids and more - we still look forward to our days on the beach together. I have never been as excited to see her as I am now! I literally have a photo of her in her dress saved in my phone and as soon as she reads this I'm going to get a text from her calling me a creep because I just stare at it while day dreaming about the images we are going to create this weekend, and how amazing she is going to look! (Total girl squeals going on in my head right now - only because if I squealed out loud the people at the Volkswagen dealership service waiting area would probably be really weirded out... ha!) 

Okay, enough talk - here's my favorites from their engagement session last fall at their favorite bar, Golden Gardens, and the roof of their apartment building! Stay tuned for more of these cuties, coming soon!!!