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This elopement was a dream! I was originally planning on taking November and December off work. I was burnt out, pregnant and tired. Wedding season was so busy for me this year and so I set a deadline to be done for the year and began turning away weddings and even some of my favorite family clients for this time of year! But being successful doesn't mean you have to be busy all the time. Part of the reason I love doing this, is I get to control how much I do and when I do it. So I decided to take a couple months off during the holidays to check things off my own to-do list! However, when a friend in need reaches out, I'm there. Melanie texted me the day before this wedding and said she was super sick, and I for once had nothing planned, so jumped in for her. It was an elopement at Elope 253! Melanie typically does all of the wedding photography and flowers for Elope 253 and I've been watching her post the cutest photos from it, it was so fun to go see it all for myself! Half way through this wedding I was texting her about how in love with it I was and from one busy, tired, and sick photographer to one who had no current work, she was like you can have it if you want it! I definitely had a little debate with myself in my head.. Do I take it and love my job? Or do I say no way I'm taking time off! I took it, I really really do love my job. This was so much fun! Here's some of my favorites from the space Rochelle has done amazing with over at Elope 253 and of course, Melanie's flowers!



If you are thinking or know someone who is thinking about having a small wedding, check out Elope 253! It is the CUTEST place, and Rochelle will take good care of you! 

All flowers done by Melanie Faun! :)

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